Friday, 22 May 2015

Fiction I Wrote : LITSB

 Dancing Child

My Master,
I'm craving for your affection
Keep some attention on me
Torture my body, break my bones, insult me
The remedy for everything you are.

Take, take away,
Take away everything that takes me away from you,
Strip, strip me,
Strip me naked,
Completely naked,
Dance, dance with me my master.

I envy ,
Envy of Io,
 the closest dancer,
dancer of Jupiter.

This is a story about a girl named Secret, who failed miserably in love and life, who has vivid dreams and keen imaginations, who is too sensitive and too shy. Whenever something made her feel upset, she wandered to a quiet place where she could tell her troubles to the trees and the ants. " Hmm each tree has its own unique smell " Secret said. The tree, a model of human architecture, a model of divine architecture, the horizontal element supported by the vertical pole. The tree, immovable yet supple. 

Worried about the wrong word escaping from her lips. Worried about the wrong hand touching her skin. A feeling of absence remained deep in her heart.