Monday, 26 October 2015

From Goodreads

* I received this book from the author, Lazarus Finch as an exchange for review. 

If you are prepared to have your mind disturbed, then take a journey with this book. The book was very intense and I had to put a few books between reading it because my heart hurt. I felt really exhausted after reading this book. Do you know the feeling you get when you finally do put down a book and for a moment you can't remember if your real life is the one you are living or the one you were just reading about? It can't be just any book, it is got to be a book so intense that it pulls you into the story completely.

The romance element in this book was intense enough for me to leave a very strong impression! I am afraid I don't possess the vocabulary to accurately describe this book. Beautiful, yes, but that does not do it justice. I was mesmerised from the beginning. This book left me breathless and speechless.

This is such a uniquely, enchanting, astounding story. It was beautifully written and brilliantly told. It will probably leave you with a severe hangover.

If you want to enter a dark world, I highly recommend this book. It is utterly amazing.