Thursday, 8 October 2015

Book Review : Pens and Pavement by Ramel Steede

* A free copy was given to me by the author *

Author.         : Ramel Steede
Genre           : Poetry
Edition         : Ebook
Publisher       : Xlibris
Publishing Date : July 1st 2015
Rating          : 4/5

I started writing for more reasons than I can remember. Whether it to say something, to say nothing, or simply to clear my mind of random thoughts or ideas. Sometimes, I write with purpose, sometimes with perplexity, sometimes for silence, sometimes for simplicity. I learned later in life that writing was my escape, my pause button, my outlet. It became my podium and the confession booth, my secret garden of sorts. Sometimes it was easy to write, sometimes it was very hard. I found my inspiration and my hindrances in the ups and downs of my life's journey. What you're about to read is simply a collection of experiences all my own that I have chosen to share with the world.

As a lover of poetry and an avid writer since his days as a child, Ramel Steede brings to life his deepest emotions in “Pens and Pavement.” Born in Brooklyn, New York, and moving to Florida at a very young age, Ramel takes us on a journey as we flow through a compilation of vivid poetry. Ramel invites us to travel with him-past, present, and future-as well as share his life's passions, pursuits, and pains.

Pens and Pavement is a collection of poems written by Ramel Steede. I'm actually not a big fan of poetry but... What a great read! A stunning poetry debut! This is one of the best books I have ever read. It is outstanding. The poems are so moving, beautiful and heartbreaking. Ramel Steede has written a deep and revealing book. I enjoyed every poem of this book.

Every single poem in the book was beautiful and melodic. I especially loved those that were just beautifully tragic and heartbreaking. The poems are complex and the words choices left me speechless. Every single word was chosen with care and pieced together to create a masterpiece!
I love his words and the mood they bring.

I think this is going to be a book that I will re-read from time to time. Some poems made me paused for awhile to allow me to let the mellow feeling passed.

To everyone who loves diving into books and between the lines as well, this is a great book to lose yourselves!