Saturday, 7 November 2015

Book Review : Dying To Live by Roxy de Winter

* A copy was given to me by the author *

Author  : Roxy de Winter
Genre   : Horror
Edition : eBook
Rating  : 4.8/5

Xin is a microbiologist from China. When her scheduled work trip to America is interrupted by the zombie apocalypse, her sense of duty sets her on a path to put things right. Using her knowledge of the research projects that caused the outbreak, she heads out to its very source. Along the way, she makes some unexpected friends who join her cause and take up arms at her side. Xin never expected that these people could come to mean so much to her, but will they believe her when she reveals who, or what, is feeding her their next move? And will they still agree to travel across the country with her? Facing heavy losses throughout the course of their journey, one thing is sure. They could well be surprised by what they discover.

Frightening, harrowing and moving. This book is a must for a fan of zombie fiction! Generally I'm not a big fan of zombie stories. I have a love/hate relationship with zombies. I've never really read any other stories about zombies, so I don't have anything to compare it to. It depends on how active and wild your imagination is. If you tend to picturize the events described in the book while you read it, you will, like me, get freaked out by it! It's one of the most captivating books I've read and one of my all time favourites!

It was captivating and suspenseful, I had a very hard time putting this novel down. The character development was great and the plot is amazing. Roxy De Winter has crafted an outstanding debut novel. 

It's brilliantly imaginative, utterly fascinating on all levels, and so worth the read even if you have no interest in the living dead. Though, if you are sensitive to nightmares, be on your guard.

Overall this book is a notable debut novel. I will absolutely be tuning into the future works of her.

Thank you so much for this amazing book ROXY!