Monday, 19 September 2016

Book Review : The Museum Of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk

Title : The Museum Of Innocence
Author : Orhan Pamuk
Rating : 4/5

" It was the happiest moment of my life, thought I didn't know it. Had I known, had I cherish this gift? Would everything have turned out differently? Yes, if I had recognized this instant of perfect happiness, I would have held it fast and never let it slip away. "

Spanning the years between 1975 and 21st century, this beautiful and intensely psychological novel tells a story of a man's deep desire and obsessive love for a woman. The main character Kemal is happily engaged to a beautiful and intelligent woman from his social class, Sibel and yet he falls in love with his poor distant cousin, Füsun. When he refuses to leave his fiance, Füsun disappears. He collect all of the objects she once touched and returns almost daily to the scene of their lovemaking. His emotional attachment grows stronger with each object added to his collection in The Museum Of Innocence. 

Nobel laureate, Orhan Pamuk is known for its postmodern style of intertextual writing. The description of the story went in brilliantly-written directions and the characters were weaved into situations in a very thoughtful way. Some readers will find this novel too lenghty and boring because this book involved repetition. For some reasons, I think Pamuk was not interested in making this book easy for his readers to read. It takes a lot of patience and attention to detail to understand the story. This book was very complex and masterful. The writing was really enjoyable, it was written in a very aesthetic and lucid sense.

This book was refreshingly textured and rich, it gave an insight into the time of modern Turkey beautifully. The mores and culture of Turkish society was told in exquisite detail. It gave a vivid account of the life of the upper class in Turkey.

I hated the main character, Kemal at the beginning of this book because he was so selfish and not caring about the people whom he interacted with. But by the end of this book, I started to gain some degree of sympathy to him. This might not the best book by Pamuk but it's deffinitely worth your time. Highly recommended!

The Real Museum and The Ticket
I was really excited when I found out about the real Museum and I admire his whole idea of making this fiction real! He started to collect the objects before he wrote this book. The most exciting news is, those who have read the book may enjoy the free admission to the museum when they visit for the first time! The special ticket is inside the book itself! Gaaaaah I really want to visit the Museum and get my ticket stamped! :')
May this dream of mine comes true.

My Special Ticket!